Staff positions


Are you active on the server and do you enjoy helping players? Do you want to help us maintain a positive and enjoyable environment?

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Game Engineer

Are you eager to learn and do you love solving problems? Consider joining the Game Engineer team! You'll fix bugs, ensure the server keeps running smoothly and develop features such as quests and new gameplay mechanics.

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Non-staff positions


Are you a skilled builder? Do you want to help us create the world we all know and love, alongside some of the best builders in the Minecraft community?

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Are you a skilled artist who enjoys modelling, texturing, rendering, or skin making? Do you want to work with other teams to help bring the world we know to life?

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Messenger Hawk

Are you creative and do you enjoy creating or editing videos, images, music, or text? Do you want to help us promote the server with high quality social media posts for TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook?

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